Tysk bank lanserar kryptofond som täcker portföljen

Tysk bank lanserar kryptofond som täcker portföljen av digitala tillgångar

Hauck & Aufhäuser Digital Asset Fund I kommer enligt uppgift att täcka 85% av den totala marknaden för kryptotillgångar.

Den tyska privatbanken Hauck & Aufhäuser tillkännagav sin första kryptofond, HAIC Digital Asset Fund I, som startade den 1 januari 2021.

Enligt en rapport om FundView kommer initiativet, ett samarbete med Berlin fintech Kapilendo, att rikta sig till institutionella och semi-institutionella investerare som vill Bitcoin Code investera i en portfölj med kryptotillgångar, inklusive Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) och Stellar (XLM) ).

Fonden kommer att driva en passiv investeringsstrategi med en kryptoallokeringsgrad baserat på marknadsvärde och andra kriterier. Enligt företaget kommer portföljen att täcka 85% av den totala marknaden för kryptotillgångar.

Minsta investering i fonden är 200 000 euro (242 000 dollar), utan begränsning av teckningstiden, och de totala löpande avgifterna för fonden är 2,05% av fondvolymen.

Hauck & Aufhäuser ansvarar för fondförvaltningen

Kapilendo kommer att fungera som kryptoförvaring medan Hauck & Aufhäuser ansvarar för fondförvaltningen. Styrelseledamot Holger Sepp förklarade att det institutionella intresset för krypto i Tyskland växer:

”Vi ser att digitala tillgångar och kryptovalutor blir alltmer attraktiva för institutionella investerare. Med lanseringen av vår första kryptofond tillsammans med Kapilendo har vi skapat ett innovativt investeringsmedel som ger våra kunder billig och säker tillgång till den nya kryptotillgångsklassen samtidigt som de uppfyller de fastställda kvalitetsstandarderna och höga krav från Hauck & Aufhäuser. „

Som Cointelegraph rapporterade förra veckan, samlade Stone Ridge’s digitala dotterbolag NYDIG nyligen 150 miljoner dollar i två kryptoinvesteringar.

Trots SEC: s fortsatta vägran att godkänna en Bitcoin ETF, blir allt fler fordon tillgängliga för institutionella investerare att komma in på kryptomarknaden.

„30,000 by the 30th“ – Crypto traders speculate about the end of the year from Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s continued strength could provide further gains until the end of the year, but a sharp downturn is also conceivable.

Crypto Trader is currently jumping from record high to record high, which leads some experts to wild speculation as to what the market-leading cryptocurrency can possibly achieve by the end of 2020. At the current walking pace, the next four days could still have one or two surprises in store.

Historic leap

Although a price jump of 8 – 9% measured against the historical volatility of Bitcoin does not seem exceptional, in 2019 there was even a jump of 42% , crypto market researcher Ryan Selkis points out that yesterday’s price jump from 2,300 US dollars Dollar is only the second time that Bitcoin has gained so much in just one day.

Carried by this euphoria, some crypto traders are already wondering when Bitcoin will be able to jump a day of 10,000 US dollars for the first time.

Hope for $ 30,000

There are now the best conditions for such a novelty, because the hashtag “#Bitcoin” trended yesterday with almost 164,000 tweets on Twitter. The second most popular hashtag in this period was clearly left behind.

As Cointelegraph has reported, the market-leading cryptocurrency is meanwhile again above the calculated average value of the Stock-To-Flow (S2F) forecast model, which outputs a price target of 100,000 US dollars. A sustained soaring is all the more likely.

At the same time, the search queries on Google are significantly lower than during the record run in 2017. According to Google Analytics, the popularity of the search term “Bitcoin” is currently less than a fifth of the previous record. The interest of the general public and private investors can currently still be expanded, which gives the price room for improvement.

Complaints about bitcoin drop 66% in 2020

70 companies registered in the Reclame HERE were contemplated. This year there was a reduction of more than 60% in the volume of complaints.

2020 was the year in which Bitcoin reached its highest value, being traded for $ 24 thousand, a price never seen in the history of digital currency .

Cryptomoeda won the spotlight of several major sites, being the asset with the highest value of the year. Despite the growing interest in the digital asset, Bitcoin-related complaints fell in 2020.
According to a survey of the Complaint HERE made for Livecoins, the number of Bitcoin-related complaints fell by 66% this year compared to 2019.
According to the data, 10,068 complaints were registered on the website this year, already in 2019, the number was 29,895. A decrease of 66.32%.

  • 2016 219
  • 2017 7.742
  • 2018 4.747
  • 2019 29.895
  • 2020* 10.068*

Many pyramids with Bitcoin in 2018 and 2019

In 2020, Bitcoin’s rise was motivated by institutional investors, unlike 2017, which was motivated by retail investors. After Bitcoin hit a record price in 2017, many companies emerged to try to get a share of the market, with the interest for the „novelty“, the financial pyramids and coups also emerged.

Thus, 2018 and 2019 were marked by people who believed they were investing in Bitcoin, but in fact were investing in pyramids, what followed was a rain of complaints and lawsuits.

In 2020, however, the market is more mature, according to the Complaint HERE, there was a „cleaning in the market.

„In 2020, Complaint HERE notes that the drop in the volume of complaints about bitcoins compared to 2019 was due to a cleaning up of the market. In 2018 and 2019 there was a peak of novelty in this financial transaction and with it appeared the peaks of blows given by some companies. But in 2020 this race for bitcoins was not repeated. The race in 2020 was to invest in the stock market,“ said the company in a statement sent to Livecoins.

In 2020 there were two months that had more than 1500 complaints, curiously were the months that Bitcoin began to recover from the 50% drop in March. From July, however, the complaints have diminished and returned to an average of 600 complaints per month.

More mature market

The main reason for complaints is related to delays in looting, either because the user complains that the transaction is taking too long, or simply because some company stopped paying (which is still common).

The other reasons are related to the support of the brokers, that sometimes take time to solve some problems of the customers, the market of cryptomoedas is fast, and any second can make difference, therefore, if a user has difficulty to access his account, this can mean loss, either to sell an asset at the right time, or buy another that could go up.

Among the main complaints are:

  • Withdrawal
  • Strike
    Cancel account

Most of the items are related to the support of the companies, while Withdrawal and Deposit are related to the efficiency and seriousness of each platform.

For Reclame HERE, the companies that are still left in the market are solving customers‘ problems, with a 90% solution rate. According to the analysis, several companies that had many complaints in 2018 no longer exist.

„The analysis made of the data from the site Reclame HERE and the market behavior indicates that the high value of bitcoin in 2020 did not translate into the interest of search on the subject in general. In addition, in 2020, the rate of resolution of complaints assessed on the platform is high, up to 90%, and many companies that existed in 2018, for example, no longer exist“.

As can be seen, the market trend is to mature, eliminating companies that provide poor quality service to their customers, and also those that only appear to harm investors.

„It is worth remembering that the very low reputation of companies that operated scams or had many operational problems helped consumers to avoid problems and seek more reliable companies. With this, the consolidation of the market took place from the reputation“.

How will it be 2021?

The fall of complaints and the decrease of the term „coup“ shows that people are already smarter and probably running from coups.

However, there are some companies that are appearing with a camouflaged coup, they usually promise from 7% to 15% profit per month, infiltrate in big sites, present even programs on TV and win a certain authority to be able to deceive their investors.

There are others that buy articles sponsored in big sites but with report content: „according to company X governments are the biggest Bitcoin holders“.

La ‚Tormenta Perfecta‘ podría ayudar a Bitcoin a conseguir un millón de dólares en 2021, dice el veterano de la criptografía

El jefe de desarrollo de negocios del Kraken de la criptografía, Dan Held, ha revelado que cree que una „tormenta perfecta“ podría ayudar a que el precio del bitcoin alcanzara el millón de dólares el año que viene, basando su predicción en varios factores que se alinean perfectamente.

Hablando con Altcoin Daily, Held dijo que la pandemia COVID-19 ha estado afectando a la economía ya que „toneladas de negocios se cerraron“. Los gobiernos, dijo, están „comprometidos en operaciones masivas de impresión de dinero“ que están creando una falta de fe en la institución del gobierno. Añadió:

Una tormenta perfecta para Bitcoin porque Bitcoin se construyó y se plantó durante la crisis financiera de 2008 para resolver un problema de confianza y almacenamiento de valor con los gobiernos.

Held añadió que la gente ahora „puede confiar en las matemáticas y la teoría de juegos en lugar de tener que confiar en un político y sus movimientos corporales“. La infraestructura construida alrededor del BTC y su adopción por los inversores institucionales podría alimentar lo que él llamó un „superciclo“ que vería el precio de la cripto-moneda dispararse.

Según sus palabras, la reducción a la mitad de Bitcoin, que redujo las recompensas de los bloques de 12,5 BTC a 6,25 BTC por bloque, ocurrió a principios de este año, y en un entorno macroeconómico „nunca hemos estado en un peor lugar“. Estos factores combinados hacen un caso alcista para el bitcoin, ya que la demanda se está disparando mientras que la oferta está cayendo.

Bitcoin] está siendo reconocido como un almacén global de valor, un oro 2.0. Está siendo reconocido por las instituciones. Se está volviendo más líquido. Se están construyendo más servicios, una infraestructura comercial súper robusta.

Held, como informó por primera vez The Daily Hodl, señaló que ahora hay mercados de opciones y futuros que están muy desarrollados, y que no existían en la carrera alcista de 2017. También se han construido soluciones de custodia, así que ahora todo „se ha construido y está listo para que entre una gran cantidad de dinero“.

El ejecutivo del Kraken también señaló que PayPal ha sorprendido a la industria de la criptodivisa al permitir a los usuarios comprar BTC, BCH, ETH y LTC en su plataforma. La combinación de la creciente demanda con el „macro telón de fondo de la economía mundial“ y la reducción de la oferta de Bitcoin significa que hay potencial para „un superciclo de Bitcoin“, dijo.

Según sus palabras, bitcoin es como un seguro contra terremotos: es un descuido al principio, pero todo el mundo considera comprarlo una vez que hay un terremoto. Añadió:

En 2021, podríamos llegar a un millón de dólares. Tal vez podría alcanzarlo. Hay una gran posibilidad de que llegue al millón si el mundo entero empieza a creer en Bitcoin, podríamos llegar a eso.

Held también hizo una predicción de precio más modesta, que el precio de BTC podría terminar entre 100.000 y 250.000 dólares la próxima semana. De cualquier manera, dijo, „todos vamos a la luna“.

Kæmpe hacking på den franske Bitcoin Ledger-mester

Kæmpe hacking på den franske Bitcoin Ledger-mester: Tjek med det samme, hvis du er bekymret!

Afslør aldrig dine private nøgler! – Sidste juli afslørede producenten af ​​hardwaretegnebøger Ledger, at dets database havde lidt lækage af personlige data fra sine kunder. Siden Bitcoin Future da har disse samme kunder været nødt til at gennemgå forskellige phishingforsøg, hvad enten det er „klassisk“ via e-mail eller endda via SMS til dem, der havde meddelt deres telefonnummer til Ledger. Og tingene bliver desværre sandsynligvis ikke bedre.

Over en million e-mails afsløret, næsten 300.000 kunder truet

Da vi troede, at tingene ikke kunne være værre … Som rapporteret af vores kolleger fra Bitcoin.fr, har en hacker sat online – tilgængelig for alle – de private data fra Ledgers kunder.

Ifølge hackers indlæg nedenfor, offentliggjort på RaidForums:

”I dag stillede jeg Ledger.com-databasen til rådighed for dig, som du kan downloade gratis (…) Den første bekræftede [købs] pris, jeg så for denne database, var 5 BTC. (…) Nu kan du få det gratis. „

I alt, stadig ifølge hackeren, ville det være 1.075.382 e-mail-adresser og 272.853 telefonnumre og fysiske adresser, der ville være blevet afsløret. Ifølge Bitcoin.fr er 16.000 franske Ledger-kunder berørt. Ifølge Ledger, som vi kontaktede, kunne de udnyttede data vedrøre de sidste tre år.

Under alle omstændigheder er dette meget mere end tallet på 9.500 lækkede private kontaktoplysninger, som Ledger oprindeligt havde meddelt under afsløringen af ​​hacket i slutningen af ​​juli 2020. Disse kunder er dog de mest i fare siden i værste fald tilfælde, fysiske trusler eller indbrud kan forekomme, da deres postadresse er afsløret.

Ifølge Benoît Pellevoizin, VP Marketing hos Ledger, ville hackerne have udnyttet en „serviceudbyderfejl“ med ansvar for deres e-handelsmodul: sidstnævnte ville have kodet API-nøglerne til at styre disse meget følsomme filer, hårde og “I klar” i modulkoden.

Hvordan ved du, om du har lækket Ledger?

Meget lidt trøst: på grund af offentliggørelsen af ​​disse data, der er tilgængelige for alle, kan du her kontrollere, om dine er blevet stjålet eller ej. ”Har jeg været pwned” hold prøver også at e-maile kunder, når detaljer er afsløret.

Forresten kontrollerede din nuværende tjener alene og heldigvis blev kun min e-mail-adresse lækket (gudskelov, jeg havde ikke bestilt og givet resten af ​​mine kontaktoplysninger). Desuden for sådanne følsomme genstande og alt relateret til kryptokurver generelt: foretrækker leveringssteder eller professionelle adresser frem for dine personlige postadresser, når det er muligt. Nu kom jeg af med et par flere spam-e-mails, men det kunne have været værre.

France: Binance filed to comply with PSAN registration

CZ announces that Binance is in the process of obtaining the PSAN registration.

Actors who are not registered incur sanctions.

Changpeng Zhao aka CZ told the Paris Blockchain Week Summit (PBWS) that Binance has filed a case with the AMF to comply with regulations in France.

PSAN registration

To date, 4 French companies have obtained Bitcoin Formula registration namely Coinhouse, LGO Exchange, StackinSat and SheeldMarket . Binance would be the first entity of international stature to obtain registration.

Registration involves in particular the establishment of internal control procedures to ensure compliance with obligations such as the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing (AML-CFT) as well as the freezing of assets.

Tightening of regulation in France

Bruno Le Maire presented an ordinance on Wednesday December 9 in the Council of Ministers to strengthen the supervision of cryptocurrency purchases.

More concretely, French exchanges will have to toughen up customer knowledge processes and ask for a second proof of identity. The SEPA transfer would be the second proof envisaged by the government.

These new requirements echo the dismantling in France of a terrorist financing network using cryptocurrencies.

ADAN reacted to these new constraints for the crypto-blockchain industry in France:

On the form, this ordinance again establishes the amalgam between digital assets and the financing of terrorism. However, while digital assets can be used for illicit purposes, recent studies show that these uses are very low today, in terms of the amount and number of transactions.